Waidzeit GIN White Ice Lady watch


Gin on the rocks?! 

Nowadays you can hardly imagine an evening or a cozy night without having a glass of gin. Gin is the most popular drink among alcoholic beverages and is enjoyed by all age groups. No wonder that even we from Waidzeit Austria got a taste for gin.

Therefore, is this sustainable female watch with its stylish incorporation of juniper wood in the white dial an absolute jewel and eye-catcher. In addition to its remarkably beautiful design and the use of juniper wood in the dial, the case and bracelet of the GIN wooden watch are made of barrique oak barrels. 

On the rocks is a cocktail term that means it is served over ice, which is why this Waidzeit watch got its name "Ice" and explains why the dial is kept in "Iceblue". An absolutely cool "companion" for women with style and special demands. 

Details of the Gin Ice wristwatch: 

  • Miyota movement 1L45 I 2 years warranty on the movement
  • Stainless steel inner case embedded in barrique oak
  • Stainless steel crown
  • Minor second made out of juniper wood
  • Case diameter: 35 mm
  • Wooden strap reinforced with stainless steel: 16 mm
  • Battery included
  • High-quality wooden box included as packaging

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