East Village started as a collection of lifestyle products designed with a modern attitude. Our collections are designed with the idea that one’s attitude is what creates style. The attitude is about how you will wear the collection or use the product or place the products in your home.

The collections and products are designed for those who are comfortable with their sense of style and are looking for something to define it.

The design: Architectural details throughout pays homage to the cities that have inspired the collections, NYC and London. East Village is a unisex brand, for all ages and those who like showing creativity in their lifestyle, it’s for that aspirational yet relaxed lifestyle that everyone craves.

We have added some like minded ethical and sustainable and world conscious brands to our store and we have become a brand "village" to bring style and curated products to you.

Our sister brand Ruby Rocks is featured. Ruby Rocks has never been shy but always bold and brave and thrives on being creative with prints and silhouettes and is always fashion forward and adventurous. Ruby Rocks likes to promote a joy and zest for life through quirky fashion that’s affordable and most importantly wearable!