Waidzeit Chronograph white Wall


With this chronograph from Waidzeit, you not only know what the time is, but you can also stop it. It impresses with its simple design. All materials come from the Alpine region: walnut wood forms the frame, the dial is made of high-quality Sölker marble from Styria. This is one of the highest quality marbles in the world and was called the "stone of the gods" by the ancient Greeks for good reason. The leather for the bracelet comes from Germany, and the precise movement was crafted in Switzerland. The Waidzeit wooden watch also has a date display and a stop function.

Details about the chronograph:

  • Dial made of Sölker marble
  • Wooden case made of walnut / diameter 50mm
  • Leather strap: 22mm
  • Swiss Ronda movement: 2 year guarantee on the movement
  • Packaging: wooden box
  • The clock is supplied with a battery

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