Waidzeit Chardonnay Sunglasses


These Chardonnay sunglasses are very special. They are produced from original French oak barrels, which were used for many years for wine maturation and have now been processed into fine wooden glasses, an absolute eye-catcher for wine lovers. Besides the very unique origin of the wood, the retro design of these extravagant Waidzeit sunglasses is incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, the wine glasses impress with their excellent, light wearing comfort as well as with the fact that they can be adjusted to your visual acuity. The Chardonnay wooden glasses are functional and at the same time, they provide a special touch, completing "your" outfit. 

Details of the Chardonnay wooden glasses: 

  • Glass width: 48 mm 
  • Temple length: 140 mm 
  • Bridge width: 23 mm 
  • UV-protection factor: UV 400
  • Standard polarized lenses with a thickness of 1.1 mm 
  • A foldable case is included free of charge

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