Waidzeit Barrique Riesling Men


This elegant piece of nature, called "Riesling", is hand-crafted from oak wood. The name and material of this timepiece give a little hint of where the "Riesling" wine is grown. A slate dial juxtaposed with an eye-catching red second-hand makes for a refreshing and striking design. The strap and lug are made from Allier oak barrels that were used for wine storage and maturation in French and Austrian wineries. A cork-inspired crown is yet another small, but notable detail that makes this watch perfect for wine-lovers who enjoy timeless, sophisticated designs.

Details of the Barrique wristwatch:

  • Miyota movement I 2 years warranty on the movement
  • High-quality wooden box included as packaging
  • Stainless steel crown
  • Case diameter: 42 mm 
  • Wooden strap with butterfly clasp: 20 mm 
  • The strap comes in a standard size and can be adjusted with a small slotted screwdriver.
  • Slate stone dial
  • Minor second display
  • Date function
  • Battery included

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