LOOkX Skin Multitasker Cream - 180g




LOOkX Skin multitasker nourishes the skin in multiple ways. This soft fluid moisturizes, soothens and heals, while implementing its anti-aging ingredients that contribute to a lifting, firming effect with less hyperpigmentation and redness. LOOkX Skin multitasker is the ideal product to start familiarizing the young skin with the quality and effectiveness of LOOkX Skincare products (recommended as day and night care starting from 18 years and older).

- Provides anti-aging and pre anti-aging care
- Has a powerful firming and lifting effect
- Neutralizes harmful free radicals
- Softens the skin
- Restores and soothes the skin after peeling
- Acts as vasoconstrictor
- Reduces pigmentation spots, for a smooth, clear skin tone

Recommended use
Apply twice a day to a cleansed face, neck and cleavage for optimal results. LOOkX Skin multitasker can also be used as a serum, with a suitable LOOkX product as a basis.

*Derma skincare effect *Free of parabens *Free of mineral oils *no animal testing *Suitable for all skin types

Vegan approved

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