Vir Original Shampoo - 250ml


You’re about to wash your hair, what is it you’re reaching for? Surely, something masculine and sophisticated like Vir Original Shampoo.

Made with natural ingredients Black Cherry and Coffee Extract and infused with our signature fragrance. It offers a clean, fresh and healthy feel thanks to our two key conditioning ingredients.

When we created this, we asked ourselves ‘what is it that’s missing?’. We wanted to create a Shampoo that was developed for men and by men. Something that offers both performance and is wrapped in a sophisticated fragrance. People often stick with basic shampoo, but your hair forms a massive part of your look, your confidence and who you are, which is why we made this one of our core products.

Developed and Made in England to the highest standard. Vir Original Shampoo is Vegan friendly and Cruelty Free. Only the best goes in to our products, so that only the best comes out.

Key Benefits

  • Signature Fragrance

  • Smells Amazing

  • Made with Natural Ingredients

  • 2 conditioning ingredients for healthier looking hair
  • Vegan Friendly  & Cruelty Free

  • Made in England

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