LOOkX Time Stop Oil 15ml


Time stop oil: Turning back time is impossible, stopping it isn’t. This luxurious LOOkX Time stop oil guarantees smoother, firmer skin. Triple anti-ageing action down to the deepest layers of the skin: detoxifying, collagen boosting and strongly hydrating. Smart beauty: - Hybrid: 3-in-1 anti-ageing - Smart formula: extremely concentrated, 2 drops will do (and smaller packaging, less waste!) - Smart texture: a dry oil that doesn’t leave behind an oily film. Clean beauty: suitable for all skintypes, natural ingredients, free of parabens & mineral oils, vegan, free of animal cruelty, sustainable production process. LOOkX Skin science: plant stem cell technology. Key ingredients for a powerful result: - Aglianico grape promotes cell detoxification, stimulates hyaluronic acid & collagen production. - Natural retinol (vitamin A) is a powerful skin healer, prevents degeneration and photo ageing.

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