LOOkX Lipstick 96 Cold Red Matte - 24g




LOOkX Lipstick in No.96 Cold Red Matte is a cream-based lipstick with a matte finish. The formula contains an impressive 85% of natural ingredients such as castor oil, to keep lips supple and prevent dryness.

Tip: Dare to wear red! To add shine and make LOOkX Lipstick in No.96 Cold Red Matte an even richer red, apply a topcoat of LOOkX Lipgloss in No.15 Red Rose Pearl+.

- Soothing and moisturising
- Prevents dehydration
- Long-lasting wear
- Optimal coverage
- Volumised look
- 85 % natural ingredients

Skincare based *Anti -ageing *Skin friendly *Long-lasting *Easy to apply *Fragrance free *No animal testing

100% Vegetarian

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