LOOkX Lip Gloss 6 Lila Glow Pearl - 36g


LOOkX Lipgloss Nr.6 lila glow pearl enhances the natural colour of the lips and are ideal for wearing without a lipstick base.The special formule will give the lips a beautiful sparkling finish without any stickyness.

The lips will appear fuller due to the addition of pearl pigments. LOOkX Lipgloss Nr.6 Lila glow pearl will last up to 3 hours on the lips and contains vitamin E and natural ingredients for a powerful anti-oxidant and protective function.

- Comfortable texture
- Longer wear than the average lipgloss (up to three hours)
- Clear shine
- Moisturising ingredients and natural antioxidant to protect against ageing

*Skin-care based *Anti-ageing *Skin friendly *Long-lasting *Easy to apply *Fragrance free *No animal testing

Vegan approved

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