Vir Original Beard Oil - 30ml


This is Vir Original Beard Oil. 

Size: 30ml

Vir Original is the first thing you put on, it is the suit beneath your suit.

You're getting ready, you've showered, cleaned, done your hair and now the last piece of the puzzle is to make that glorious beard of yours look its best. So you reach for Vir Original Beard Oil. Not only will your beard be shaped and grooming, but it will smell incredible.

Our Beard Oil is to help to tame and control your beard, making it look neater, fuller and smell incredible. It can also help with the itch. This is suitable for anyone with a beard or long stubble.

Made with in England with Natural Ingredients and our Signature Fragrance.

Your beard sits pride of place on your face, so make it look it’s best.

No matter the goal, all you need is action. Take action and Lead From The Front.

Lead From The Front

  • Smells Amazing

  • Reduced Beard itch

  • Helps shape and tame your beard

  • Made in England

  • Natural Ingredients and oils

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Signature Fragrance

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