LOOkX Moisture serum 40ml




LOOkX Moisture serum is the perfect addition to any beauty regimen. This all-rounder is absorbed into deeper skin layers where the active ingredients quickly find their way to skin cells. It is especially beneficial for skin that is dry or dehydrated. The formula restores moisture balance, preventing moisture loss and promoting healthy skin, rapidly relieving skin of dryness and itching. The skin is left soft, relaxed and radiant.

- Hydrates skin cells
- Moisturises dry patches
- Optimises moisture reserves in the skin and restores moisture balance
- Reduces dry lines and tight-feeling skin
- Hydrates on a time-release basis
- Extends the life cycle of skin cells
- Protects DNA
- Refines the skin surface, reduces pores

*Derma skincare effect *Paraben free *No mineral oils *Contains allergen-free fragrance *Not tested on animals *Suitable for all skin types

Vegan approved

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